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in ---AMERICA,--- with ---US

The --extreme-----LEFT-----and--the--extreme-----RIGHT-----POLITICAL---PARTY
are, -the -cause -of -the ---CIVIL-UNREST-----in--OUR----UNITED--STATES--OF-AMERICA----the--HOME---of--the---BRAVE---and-----THE----LAND-----OF-----THE------F-R-E-E

The, -peoples,- are -at -odds -with -each ---extreme-----LEFT-----and----extreme---RIGHT-----POLITICAL--P-A-R-T-Y
all,- in --DISSAGREEMENTs--and--UPROAR--, in --these -----------UNITED,- STATES, -of, -AMERICA----------from,-- SEA,-- to --SHINING----SEA

The ---SOLUTION, ---with ---RESOLUTION,---is----bilateral----far----extreme---LEFT-----and---far---extreme----RIGHT-----is--to--agree--to--disagree--and--for--all--people's---LEFT---RIGHT--and--IN--BETWEEN----to--respect---one--another---with--COMMUNICATION---and----BIPARTISAN----togetherness----and----S- U-P-P-O-R-T
OF--each --and --every--BROAD--issues--of--each, and of every----SORT

For -we -stand -together -in ---AMERICA,--the-- LAND----OF---THE----FREE
for --every --nationality--, all --people's---every-- race --color--and---creed, --with ---LIBERTY-- and --JUSTICE-- one --and--all--in--AMERICA----the----beautiful,- from---sea---to--SEA

From -the -political- parties -agenda -the -extreme ---LEFT---- and -the -extreme -----RIGHT
this ---CIVIL--DISTURBANCE-- has --caused-- both --sides --of --extremes --to --stand --up --protest --and --fight

AMERICA, in the middle we must stand
and work every problem out and find solutions with resolutions , for each political, party-- side-----LEFT--, and --RIGHT, ---and --together --stand --as --ONE--UNiTED---AMERICA----and----PROUDLY---stand--hand--in--hand

This civil unrest and TURBULANCE
is the RESULTS, of EXTREME, agendas of LEFT, and RIGHT, which has caused such of a mess and CiVIL--DISTURBANCE

Why can't we all ---JUST, ---get----ALONG
and --bipartisan-- communicate--, and --every --problem --fairly --solve --and --far-left-and-far-right -----and --fix----every----WRONG

The --WORLD,-- at -large,--is-- in --disturbance, --and---troubles --at ---LARGE, ---complete
in --------AMERICA, --------to -the -world -we -stand-for-freedom-, the -home -of -the -brave -and -the-land ---------OF--THE--FREE----------the-----greatest-----and------ELITE

Both- political-,parties- the ---LEFT--- and ---RIGHT
they --need --to ---MEET---, in --the --middle --for --heavens --sake,-- and --just --get --things ---FAIR----and---just ---stop,--all--this--- disturbance----turbulence----and----FIGHT

26 th of OCTOBER 2017

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