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In a POEM, your feelings become known
in a POEM, who you are, the good the bad and the ugly, is  revealed and authentically honest and sincerily as your HEART  on your SLEEVE , revealed and shown

Just as in,  Your life, living, and  LOVE  when we wear our  HEART  unprotectingly right there completely--openly--on--our--SLEEVE
many times it leads us to feel hurts betrayals arguments and feel remorse and --cause--us--deep---remorse---and---grieve

But for me one thing I have always said and is what I always KNOW
out of one hundred peoples who hurt harm disrespect and take advantage, of my--HEART-- and take me --FOR --GRANTED--the one person out of a hundred who trusted-respected-and-believed-in-- my --HEART--complete --ELITE--and --FULL--very--well--and--a--GREAT-BLESSING--and---it's. ---WORTH---. All-, of -the -other.  --Turmoil, --strife,-- troubles --set --backs --ATTACKS--slams --and--dunks--and --put --downs ---SO

For when a single person --feels --knows --and --TRUSTS-- my ---genuine----------L-O-V-I-N-G-------- sensitive--SENSITIVE-CARING-FRAGILE-COMPASSIONATE-VULNERABLE--------------STRONG--strong--STRONG----BOLD--beautiful-BOLD----------TRUE-BLUE----------BRAVE-HEART
its such of a ------TRUE--BLESSING,---- indescribable----, when --true, --respectful, ----------GENUINE--FRIENDSHIP,-------- and -a ---------TRUSTING--BOND--FOREVER--ENDURES----------and--can--never-ever-sway-switch-go-away-drift--weaken--or---------PART

27th of OCTOBER 2017

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In a poem, your feelings become known