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Given the chance 
I'd have given you the world 
How is my heart so naive 
Why do  I fall so quick 
Your words made me trust and fall in love 
Lust plays on me and I can't forget the kiss of sin 
Scorpio hiding from the Sagittarius only a fire in me knows 
A lie and I am a hound that sniffs it out
If only you'd know I understand what you're going through 
Why didn't you break the tradition and let me be the one to help you switch tracks 
Rather than be miserable but you chose to ghost me like I didn't mean a thing 
I cried one day and  a whole night and won't let you ruin my life 
I got to get my head in the zone and get myself on a bee radar 
So awkward how we keep bumping into each other like its meant to be 
I never had someone make me feel quite so secure 
I never met someone who spoke such words of bounty 
Two beautiful things that go so well together 
This feeling is unlike the rest and opened up 
Hard of trusting and quiet, but I opened up because you said I can say anything to you 
Friends tried to break us up but you were always there beside me 
So lonely before  I looked into those eyes and you gave me the best pleasure of my life 
I don't think I can let go of our butterfly, angel, french delight 
It's something I will always remember 

Thoughi know you ghosted but you lurk on socials god  help you 


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