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Here's to the bumps in the night
A Halloween greeting, for shocking
Vampires, Werewolf's, Witches, and 
Grim Reaper, Fairy, Elf's, and Hell's

No journey unfolds without hesitation
Full Moon glow presentation...
The night of champion Goblins and ghost
Makes a morbid host.
Look out Witches on the rise,
something tells
Me this could be real,
and not a disguise...

Trick or Treat is fun it all begins,
with the setting...
You take the top of the hill
I'll take the lakefront
We'll be done in time,
Be ready to go, it's a cold 
Night, but I'll warm up with
those scary sights!

Having fun, and a sweet tooth fill,
takes away ...
The nights chill, "Look there Sis,
The Headless Horse Man
 just rode up the hill!"
My imagination seems to stray,
each costume is captivating
In it's own way.
Have a safe, and fun Holloween,
keep the night wholesome
And clean.
Smile, enjoy yourself,
and participate for a while.

Yes, Happy Halloween.

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Trick Or Treat