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The HAPPENINGS, and --MAIN-EVENTS--of our life
determine the outcome, of ---everything-EVERYTHING-everything--- that we--ARE--and--even --ARE-NOT--, from all the things and---HAPPENINGS---of our experiences of troubles hurts turmoil and strifes

In our life, living, and LOVE, every --MAIN-EVENTS--and--HAPPENING
a true tender and LOVING, Soft --HEART--will,--always-ALWAYS-always---R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R--- and ---R-E-C-O-R-D---, and ---deeply -DEEPLY-deeply---FOREVER--FEEL, all of the good, the bad, the happy the sad,--- everything-EVERYTHING-everything

The--- HAPPENINGS ---and--MAIN-EVENTS--or our LIFE
we --R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R--- so very well ---every-EVERY-every----thing--as--heaven, or lower, so very-VERY-very-well, every happiness, sadness trouble turmoil or--STRIFE

In our life-----every-EVERY-every-----MAIN-EVENT
it touched us and made us who we are, the good the bad and the ugly,with such high ---JOYOUS---hope and happiness, or with such depths of low depression, devastation, brutal,unkind, uncaring, mean, selfish, greedy, with------betrayal, -----meaness --insensitive -ness --GREED --and --deep --hurtful-damaging-and-remaining--hurts--and-- --RESENTS

The ---HAPPENINGS---, from the--MAIN-EVENTS--from, even the littlest and the very-VERY-very--simplests--of--things--that--brought--our--HEART--such, happiness--BLISS--and--special-unforgettable--JOYFULNESS
leave in our simple --HEART----a----S-M-I-L-E--that never can or will DEPART--a--wonderous magical beautiful--FEELING--of--just--being--accepted--respected--appreciated--VALIDATED--at--it's--very--very--very--BEST

29 th of OCTOBER 2017

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The happenings and events of our life