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Confessions of the Heart

A casual liaison right from the start,
like a thief in the night he stole my heart.
A friendship at first but then the boundaries became blurred,
To think of him as more was initially absurd!

I set out to find my soulmate you see,
A man of my own who would be perfect for me!
But an illusion is the role he plays around me,
Which makes me question how can he be the one for me?

My mind is confused as my heart is now his,
Caught up in an intoxifying emotional twist!
He penetrated me deep, and he left a scar,
Of which, his initials are now etched in the layers of my heart.

If he was to discover how deep these feelings run,
Our casual liaison would be forever gone!
I can't bear this vulnerability & loss of control,
He has penetrated my mind, my body, & my soul!

Why can't he see it - my beauty is his!
Why can't he feel the passion in my lips?
Why can't he hear the rhythm in my heart
Is it possible to press pause, rewind, & restart?

No longer a casual liaison but confessions of the heart..
Mr stethoscope, I hope to defibrilate your heart!
With a surge of 'electrical emotion', and then you will see,
That what is destined...
Is you & me! 😍

Written by © Wendy Roberts for my dear friend Marisa A on 29-10-2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Confessions of the Heart