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From the mountain tops sky HIGH
to the lowest depths of the valleys, with --STRESS--worry --and --MISERY

can, run so rampant , making us feel, dark, lonliness and worry,----------- to bright,--- JOYOUS, ---and brilliant bright, beautiful--positive-smiling--happy--and--free--with--GLEE--bountiful--life-sustaining---SUN

Sometimes a person, can become an EMOTIONAL--WRECK--and--basket --CASE
when, stresses, and--WORRY-- creeps --and--seeps--in, and , things feel, distressed, without peace, serenity, calm or rest, as--WORRY--leaves--in--a--person, a bad and uneasy feeling of---UNCERTAINTY--with--deep-deep--deep--WORRY----and--a--terrible---bad ---sad---TASTE

A person trys so , so, so, hard to--be--, remain--, and --stay----stress,-- care,-- concern, --and----WORRY--NOT
and to TRUST, in GOD, to FOCUS, keep breathing, stay positive, hopeful, and --PRAYERFUL, --and When stress and worry takes your --peace--serenity-- and --calm, and--even-- easy--relaxed--breathing-----------away,-----------just-----------r-e-l-a-x--------and----------resort--------to---------FAITHFULLY------------- PRAY-PRAY-PRAY--ALOT

As in our life, living, and LOVE, as we know to be true to thine ownself, and FAITHFULLY--LOVINGLY--SURRENDER
for GODS, will, not OURS, be--DONE,--and---with--FAITH--HOPE--and--PRAYER-----------THY---WILL,--- NOT---OURS --WILL --BE---D-O-N-E---and----RENDERED

Our EMOTIONS, can run minute to minute from  blue sky ----HIGH
to the deepest valleys low with worry, stress and ----SIGH

For us each and everyone--PERFECT-FAITH--is--a--challenge--and--every--breath--TEST
to, let  GO and to let  GOD , and to have--PERFECT-FAITH--and-fly--sky--high-with-WINGS--of--an--EAGLE, --with--------PERFECT--FAITH--at--it's--GREATEST--and--Courageously--bravest--BEST--with--GREAT-TRUST-and-FAITH-----------soaring-sky-high-----------more-and-more--not--any----lower--weaker----or--L-E-S-S

30th of OCTOBER 2017

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From the mountains sky high