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Pumpkin carving one by one
12 Grandchildren, this is fun
A smiley and Witches Face
Every pumpkin has it's place.....

My art work is lacking, but it's still
Sends those spirits packing...
Cookies, banana bread, is in 
The oven, my crew needs feed.
One more pumpkin, to carve to
Night, then we'll find some candles
For some light!

Ghost stories by the pound, chilling
Facts are passed around.....Try not
To scream, those ghostly spirits they're
Frighting and mean.
A cozy night, ready for adventure, and
Gruesome fright...

Guess I will be here for trick or treat,
candy apples and my comfy seat!
Many friends and neighbors I want
To greet.. Have fun my friend, my 
House is right around the bend...
Enjoy your holiday it soon will
End... Enjoy yourself my Friends.
Many scary moment's, we'll spend..

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