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I walked the path she laid for me,
All was blue sky and buttercup meadows,
Breezes and birdsong woodlands,
Loneliness cuts deep but nature heals,
She is in all I see, hear and feel;
Even the warmth of the air is her breath,
The sunlight her everlasting beauty,
The song of the wind her music,
Talking to me, bringing me comfort,
Telling me to lose all fear and doubt,
‘Perfect love casteth out all fear'.
Barefoot on the beach I tread warm sand,
I hear the seagulls cry to me
In the new fires of sunrise;
And in the evening scent of jasmine.
She walks in her garden of wonder,
Too beautiful to be seen by mortal eye,
Invisible to hearts bound by earthly thoughts;
Only the gentle heart can unveil her image,
Go through the portal into her world
And be lost and found all at once.

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Earth Goddess



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