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I'm not sure if I can get a chance
To dance that last dance.

I don't sit and wait, or merely
Hesitate, I let my heartbeat
To the voice of fate.

Walk, run, sleep and painful
Hands, all appear in the 
Hourglass sands.

A slow decline in an ordinary
Line,  it moves to fast.
As secrets reveal the past.

This must be a nonsense
Dream, I'm at the point where
I could run and scream... 

So I handle this with care, my 
Visions rise above the air.
What stands by my side
Is a loyalty's best, and special

Sweet surrender,  my days are
Mellow. I'm shaking hands with
A kind-hearted fellow!

Open minds stay strong, it lets me know
Where I belong.
Days like this don't last too long.
So let it shine, with a happy song.


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