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This is the threshold of Autumn's keep
Silent dreams.
It's warmth unspoken,
Appears to stream..
Looking forward to
The end of day..
Time ,well spent
Finds it way...

The forest stands bare
Crispy temperature fills
The air...
It's flawless beauty Shadow's
Wake me not, for  I am safe
In dreams.
My restless spirits, is not as it

Look at the beginning of mornings call.
The night fades above it all ..Apart of 
The whole human family, my heart 
Savors the time it frees...
Pour your soul, like waters rage..
A freedom marks the open cage..
In God's good Heaven, Saint Peter
Turns the page.
Life and death preforms on center

Walk the gentle steps of time..Know it
Slowly decline! Wakeing hours marks it's trace.
In His presence we bathe in grace
Dreams now fills that empty space.
Casting light in a holy place..

Hold the power of peace,
after the dreams have ceased
The hands of time remains, it 
Is the field of Harvest grain..
In His Kingdom the tears becomes
The purest rain...

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The Purest Rain