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It is hard to belong where I'm not wanted
It is hard to be a part of something I'm
Closed off from..
Yet it is apart of me that tries, when all 
Of my  hope, passes me by...

I've tried, but here I am again, alone and
Facing so much, I don't understand..
I reach out but there are many hours pass
Me by, with a closed heart, and empty
Hand..... alone I stand..
Where does the caring begins, how do 
I  face the Lion in it's den?

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, "If  you can
Keep your head when all about you are
Loseing theirs and blaming you," so his
Wisdom guide's me in this time of sorrow,
I hold dear his words today, and live the
Reality for many tomorrow's..

Can I hope to be a part
of something special?
Only time will tell... 
Each time I rise, 
Ringing loud,
I hear the Church yard bells
Ringing proud...


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Only Time Will Tell