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At the end of the rainbow,
there is a pot of gold...
So says the story old.
Fairy tales, and bed time
Stories, has lost it's charm
And glory..
Not in the eyes of a child, they
Hold it's magic mild..

I watch their eyes open wide
Their excitement so hard to
A knight in shining armor, gleams
As the castle banner streams..
Snow White, awakes,
the forest shakes
the spell is broken....
And hope is spoken..

Now the stories are so real a 
Bed time story has little appeal
That pot of gold we no longer hold
If we strive, we can keep fantasy 

Once upon a time, there was a King
Who gave me a ring, he was a happy
Ruler, but with his Queen, his days became

On and on we go, the creative process
Pass around..
If we identify the the moral of each story
To appreciate it's sound..
So if  fantasy can live, we can see it has 
Much to give..

So once upon a time, We told stories
In Rhyme, we found the joy in unlikely
Places, and  brought smiles on our children..


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Once Upon a Time