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Seeing two when there is only one,
can work against the spirit of fun!
Waiting long for help arrived, can
Bend the spirit, but plans are to be

Do we go or, do we stay? What comes
Will come in child's play.  So off we go
On this late Autumn day...
Now's the time to make amends, save 
Your self and loving friend...
Someone said the world will end..

God is the only one to know, his mighty
Eyes have bouble vision,  it's complicated
So do the math, long division.....
It comes together and I've made my choice
I will follow His Mighty Voice..

One step forward, 2 steps back, the mirror
Begins to crack... It's still a double vision
I'm picking the strong and bold..
A wise decision, an act that's old...
My blood runs cold...

I've know the part about salvation
He's offers it to us, his creation..
So if you get to Heaven before me
Take a seat and save me one, cause
My Loving heart comes that way
When all else is gone..

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Double Vision