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Darkness Walks
In a field of the

Darkness talks
In the air of night

No light can survive
While this darkness
Is alive

Ebony trails...
Distant sails

The bleak emptiness
Coldly wails...

A plea for light
Ultimately Fails

Where did the light go?
No one knows, be able
To let your essence

No rays of light can survive
In the air that is alive

Darkness creeps
In ice, it seeps

By my side
The Good Shepherd

Nothing from him
Can hide

Not lost or forgotten
Here courage knows
Fear, but it carries 
Me so near..

The strong and brave
Holds the hope it

Live life with lights
Know how courage

Hold on 'til
Darkness flys
Now open your
Tearful eyes

Watch the wings
Of Angels drift
Feel your
Spirit lift.

Let the darkness
Pass on by...
Be humble to 
The solemn sighs
In the end, know
Courage is true.

The light then.
Will follow


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