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What can you DO
when with others your ---HEARTFUL---words ---and ---actions ---just -don't -get -THROUGH

What can you DO
when no matter what you -SAY-- or --DO,-- others just do not --TREASURE,-- LOVE, --HONOR,--VALUE--VALIDATE--or--- RESPECT,--or--APPRECIATE----YOU--TOO

What more can--YOU---even--begin--to--SAY
when others they don't --even-EVEN-EVEN--have--the--least--of--LOVE-CARE-CONSIDERATION-CARE-CONCERN--or--COMPASSION--, for --YOU--in --any --which--a----WAY

What can you even, start to--SAY
when others they take advantage of your--GOOD--HEART--and--GIVING--NATURE--and-- GENEROSITY, --and -your--GOOD--H-E-A-R-T--in--every--which--a--WAY

What more is --THERE
when all you give away for--FREE-- , and so openly and generously --and---with--NO--LIMITS--and--a--Bottomless-pit---you--completely--SHARE

What more is --THERE
to share, when others appreciate ---YOU-- not when you gave all that --YOU--got, and their disrespect is just so shameful, so disgraceful, so distasteful, beyond any other in--COMPARE

What can --YOU-- do, but to pull--AWAY
and to stay ---MOTIVATED----and----FOCUSED----on----YOUSELF--as--your--HEALTH----and--your----WELL-BEING----in----EVERY-WHICH-A-WAY

What can --YOU-- do --when--others--shun, same, disappoint --disrespect---YOU--and --disgrace --YOU--and -appreciate --YOU--NOT
when-- YOU-- tried your very-BEST--and -tried -even -a -little- more -than -your--BEST-- of -your -very -very -BEST--, and it wasn't even enough, and --YOU-- gave--EVERYTHING-EVERYTHING-EVERYTHING--that---YOU----had--with--all--your-----HEART-----all--that--YOU--GOT

What can --YOU--even begin or start to SAY
and the answer is --SILENCE--just--complete--SILENCE--no, more words, no more movement or generosity giving all that --YOU-- have, and even so much more than YOU-- have away for total compete ---FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE---as:--now--this--very--breath---YOU----admit--DEFEAT--for----F-R-E-E-----all,-- YOU--can do to secure ---Y-O-U-R-- --PEACE-- and-- REST-- with --SERENITY--, and--to --have ---FAITH----and---hold --onto---HOPE----and--give -it -to---GOD, -and ------simply-SIMPLY-simply-------PRAY-PRAY--and---P-R-A-Y---and----just----completely----surrender-SURRENDER-surrender---, and --PRAY, --PRAY--and---P-R-A-Y---and -by -GODS,-- LOVING----side----FAITHFULLY---GREATLY--FAITHFULLY----with---LOVE--and--H-O-P-E------STAY


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