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Snowed In

It was a storm to remember,
that cold November...........
Cozy candlelight, and crackling
Fire blaze made up for the wailing
Snow, it chilled the air, temperature

Tucked in my recliner chair, the storm
Was everywhere... I didn't seem to care
A candles glow flickers bright, reflecting
Shadows through the night...
Holding comfort that seems so right..

Do not open the outside doors, the icy air
Moves across the floor...Letting in the Gale
Its movement will not fail. It twists and turns
It howls and trails, like the lion's moving tail...
It's fighting force, with great detail...

A good book in hand and some tunes make
Feel like I'm marooned on an Island far.....
Only blind to any star...
Now I fight my heavy eyes and close them to
The snow-filled skies...
Let the blizzard conditions fly. It will pass on 


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Snowed In