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Oh dear LORD, not another disastrous, devastating--deadly--cowardly--Shooting
now even in small town-- AMERICA--, a southern comfortable safe little town, in-- AMERICA--, our peace and serenity and safety, is being--threatened---taken--away--and--destroyed --and --stolen---with---insane--LOOTING

The PEACE, and SAFETY, that once was is now no--MORE
in these UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA, from sea, to sea--west-coast-to-east-coast-shore-to-shore--with--violence--turmoil--and--unrest--with--too--many--ruthless-unkind-uncaring--shootings--and--shootings--as--this--recent--terrible--event--in--a--LOVING--CHURCH--has--robbed--us--of--our--peace-rest--and--serenity--with--safety--for--SURE

without control, it is reaching havoc on innocent civilians devastatingly, deadly, evilly--complete with defeat--and--insanely--FULL

When, will these shootings cease
would tighter gun control help at least

Its just such of a shame
reading the news today to here of another terrible terrible-- mass , --shooting now even in a church, so devastatingly, insanely--the--SAME

What, has to take place to put change in--PLACE
and cease these, terrible horrific mass shootings--in--this--gun--control--rat--race

The right to bare arms
but in the wrong hands of a crazy person, and insane,--killers-- does-- such --unspeakable-- tragicness, --and---HARMS

for me at LEAST, to purchase and to own a --FIREARM
the back ground investigation should be so detailed in depth as so no more regrets, with such devastating--DEADLY--HARMS


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Oh --DEAR -LORD--, not another disastrous devastating, mass shooting