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The narrow, and the broad ROAD--hard--difficult--lonely--and--wide--wonderful-worldly--happy--materialistic--and--FREE
in our life, living,and-- LOVE--We have to chose which road to follow the difficult lonely, and lonesome narrow,  or the broad and wide fun fabulous happy worldly materialistic --and--which road--to--take--and--BE

The broad road has traffic of many-many-many
the narrow road is hard and long difficult cold lonely and has traffic of hardly--ANY

The brod road, is fun, exciting, with dance song and all worldly materialistic--things of--PLEASURE
the narrow road, is challenging, difficult, lonely, but--rewarding--for--sure--if--you---preservers, --patiently--and--endure

The broad road will bring instant happiness   and bliss
the narrow road traveled by JESUS will bring you abundant BLESSINGS, in your life, living, and LOVE, as--YOUR---Beautiful--BLESSING--and---WISH


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The narrow and broad road