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Sometimes, the worst thing it turns out to be the best
as we have to be patient trust, in the LORD, and just --let go, and let GOD, and put things to rest

Sometimes the worst of what happens to us and --happens, or not
its a feeling of hurtfulness what we haven't got

But sometimes GOD, knows what's the worst thing now that happens or happens --not
that it's our greatest blessings one day that we --got

Learning, relearning to Put--TRUST--in--the--LORD
is sometimes the , most difficult learning--CHORD

As we think that the future so far and bright --ahead--we can--SEE
but --as --Time--tested --to --be-- true, -----TRUST, --in --the ---LORD, ------and -set -yourself--- HAPPY-- and ---care---FREE

For as we need to know
that our GOD, LOVES,--us--COMPLETE--ELITE--- and ----FULL

And what we need to UNDERSTAND
for us all and for everyone, GOD, LOVES us complete and elite and for -for--us-all--you--and--me--GOD--has--the--MOST--LOViNGLY---H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y---master---beautiful---PLAN--for-every-woman-child-and--MAN


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Sometimes the worst thing it turns out to be the best