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Invisible, I am revealed in the silhouettes on the wall
Casting warmth in a world of ice...
Its outline is sleek and fine.
I must be dreaming, it clears from the wakeful eye,
Like fog or mist, it begins to fly.

No one hears, no one sees, or acknowledge
My solemn plea, forgotten is a cold reality.
Reaching for God's guidance, and special
Grace, light is filling in its space.

Warmth is calling to, part the cold, reaching out
Strong and bold, remember always what honor
In a world of Ice and fire, life springs fresh, in
Love's desire.

So if you know a friend has fallen,
will your heart helps their called,
Will you help them stand?
Will you hold out your hand?

When all walk away, God will be there in every day
For a better world, I hope and pray.
When the heart weighs heavy, hold on.
Know there are many who care, when,
A friend in needs to rise from despair...

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Rising From Despair