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Uphill, downhill twice around the park
Playing hide-and-seek in the dark.
Upstairs downstairs, happy as a Lark.
Light-hearted, carefree, swinging from a
Tree, swinging high seeing all there is
To see, Fun as can be.

I watch my Grandchildren taking life
By the hand, standing side by side
Waiting for the swing, to be the next
To guide... I understand their zest.
And short moments of rest, every
minute put to the test.
I feel the North wind, slicing its way
Next will be the snowman, in the yard
They play, snow is on its way...

God bless them, in work or play, keep 
Them on their toes, keep them strong
When winter shows.
Sharing their joy, while they grow,
each vibrant spirit
 this world will know.

 Let the rain, snow or sunshine
This child's play moment
Is treasured, fine quality measured,
In the pages of time...When 
Elements and laughter echo
Through the oak and pines.

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Swing Away,Child`s Play