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Feeling restless
and am trying to fall asleep at my best

But now at 0121-am, I haven't had much success
in getting too much sleep and rest

So I figured I'd just write some
and here I am with sleep this night so far of none

Sometimes I think for us all
when a lot of things are pending on our heart and mind, our sleep, It, gets disturbed and stall

So,many things said and unsaid
and my mind is just spinning,  as.  I'm trying to sleep, in this bed

When loose ends are untied
it leaves a person, with peace and rest denied

So, the suns gonna be up before too long
and the morning doves will be awake cooing their morning love song

Feeling restless this early morn
as I should be peacefully asleep, and snoring

Sometimes things weigh very heavily on our heart and mind
and just simply rest and peace we struggle to find

So, I'm gonna lay down rest and close my eyes anyway
and just--PRAY--and--welcome--soon,--the--bright--early--dawn--beautiful-- sunlight --with --a --brand --new----BLESSED---glorious--DAY

10th of NOVEMBER--2017

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Feeling restless