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Maybe we have no choice,
said the disembodied voice, 
It's a test that ancient writers
Placed in verse..
Is it a blessing? Or is it a curse?
Know it can always be worse..

Life is governed by what we take
And give, a choice we live...
Up,  down, inside-out what  lies
With our thoughts, comes about...

Hold-on to honor, and it will hold
You..Truth will speak wisdom in 
All you do..Rearrange, if you need
a better change, you can make your
Life a life worth giving, with a noble
Hold on living....

So look for what's plain to see, it might
Help those troubles flee.....
Yes, maybe......
Only time and effort will tell, hold-on my
Friend,  to you this message I send..
A full day lies ahead, I offer back to
You, the words you once said...

Maybe....We can live, happy, and free...


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Yes, Maybe