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Jack Frost, has arrived.
He brought his mighty
Cold ways, he is here
To stay a while, might
As well, give him a smile.

Many years ago, I looked
Forward to the snow, now 
It's okay on Christmas Day,
Then I wish it'd go away.

Jack Frost has a cold heart
He laces the windows with
His art. He is amazingly old you
See, when sculptured pieces 
Are icy cold, he paints the winter,
I've been told...

So strike the fire, feel the heat,
Warm your cold feet...
He knocks at your door, he chills
Your floors, he lays his ice,
A slippery device

Now in later years, I watch through
My window sill, do all I can to avoid
His chill. He's here 'til the first song
Of Spring, so be cozy and warm, please.
While he brings the freeze, we can face
Him with comfort and ease....

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Jack Frost