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Deep darkness begins to lift
My eyes softly drift....
Sound and warm in my bed
The demands of the day, swirling
In my head...

I stand in the silhouettes of years
gone past, in this hour, I make
Peace at last...
I hold my children so near, their pure
Hearts are so dear...
Their sweet voices I can hear...

There was a time when my rocking chair
And Irish melody filled the air, their tiny
Fingers in my hair, sweet dreams would
Fill their nights in strong arms that held
Them tight.

Now I see them with their own, bringing
Warmth to their home, I thank the good
Lord, for family forever more, for these
Moments, I so Adore..

Reaching out in the night, with life's message
That hold solid worth, the joy of family is the
Riches, of this good Earth!

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Riches of the Earth