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Tell me about the war Grandad
Tell me about the war
A little boy asked his Grandfather
Playing with a lead soldier upon the oil clothed floor

Tell me about the war Grandad
Tell me about the war
Tell me about the bombs, guns, and bullets
Tell me what they all were used for.

They gave you bullets, bayonet, and gun Son
Uniform, bullets, bayonet and a gun
March, drill and salute Son march drill and salute
Then with our rifles they taught us how to shoot.

Tell me why you had to shoot Grandad
Tell me why you had to shoot
We had to kill Son because we had to kill
Fighting and killing putting in the boot.

Who did you kill Grandad who did you kill
The Grandfather looked shaky and was feeling sad and ill
We had to kill the Hun Son we had to kill the Hun
That's why they gave us guns Son that's why they gave us guns

Take a look at me son take a good look at me
I only have one leg Son the other cut off by the knee
Why did you go, why did you do it Grandad
I fought for King and Country and for you my bonny lad.

Derrick David Henderson

A readers note...
This one is about my Grandad, he fought in the first World War and served with the 7th Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. He was a runner meaning he carried messages from the front line to HQ, this was a very dangerous job to do as he had to cross many trenches under gunfire, he was shot in the leg which later turned to gangrene in the end they had to amputate his leg just below the knee. He was mentioned in dispatches. A very brave man.

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Tell Me

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