A Call To My Daughter

The night is dark.
The moon is full.
The crickets chirp.
I think of you.
Wishing I could see you face.
As i am here in this far away place.
Far away from the place I called home.
Thinking of you, so I pick up the phone.
How are you doing, my daughter so sweet.
Sorry I haven't called, I know it's been a week.
I've had alot on my mind.
Haven't be able to sleep.
Miss you so much.
Yes! I know I should call and stay more in touch.
Wish you could be here.
So I thought i would call,
To see how things are up in the mountains,
Where all of you are.
Which one?
The one on Facebook?
Yes that picture i saw.
You look so pretty with your hair up like that.
By the way...
Where was that picture taken at?
I remember that place.
Where that old tree fell!
I remember that day very well!!!
We were all out back having some fun.
You girls were out laying in the sun.
It came falling down faster than hell!!!!
All I herd was all you girls yell!!!
Who? Me?
Yes I'm doing good.
Yes he"s taking care of me as he should.
It gets boring here, not much to do.
That's why I'm on the phone talking to you.
No....Nothing is new.
Just getting old.
And missing you.
Not a day goes by that your not on mind.
Yes...We will be there soon, Sweet daughter of mine.
Until then take care of your self.
If you need anything, know we are here.
Just pick up the phone call me my dear.
I know you are busy.
So for now I will go.
Yes, I will call in a day or so.
Goodbye for now.
Talk to you soon.
I hate hanging up.
I know.
I love you too.

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A Call To My Daughter

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