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A person, never gets use to FEELING neglect
A person, never gets use to FEELING disrespect

A person, never gets use to FEELING used
A person, never gets use to FEELING taken for granted and abused

A person, has their finality, with reality, and--LIMIT
when FEELING, neglect, disrespect, used, taken for granted, and abused, --every--person--they--reach--their--LIMiT--and--with--ME--I'm--IN--IT

So, with , REALITY
those who LOVE, ME, for ME, they--will-UNDERSTAND--completely--ME

Im pushing myself too much to--everyone, giving------everything-EVERYTHING-everything----that, I have and--MORE
And, still with it all and my very best--HEART-INTENTIONS--I--FEEL--like, I'm not good enough--for--SURE

So, I FEEL, really so, all--ALONE
chilled and cold to the--BONE

But I know my life living and LOVE, mission, quest goal and--PLAN
and that's to be the best, ME, for  ME, and --PROUDLY--S-T-A-N-D

Maybe when I am at my--BEST
others will look at me , the--BEST--and--BETTER--with--R-E-S-P-E-C-T

But the fact, of the matter will always BE
i will never forget how I felt this minute, with ---nothing-NOTHING-nothing----with--love-care-respect-support-understanding---as--REALITY

So it is what it is and it ain't what it ain't
so just gotta get up and out set a goal, get on a positive ---MOTIVATING----roll, gotta be my strongest, can't get weak, quit , and faint

We have to take the --GOOD--GREAT--and --GRAND----and----HAPPY--with, the hurt sad and ugly and--BAD
for every father with a lot of kids, they all know the challenges of raising children and no matter how old they become they still are your kids, and will for your rest of your LIFE. Give you the -----GREATEST-GREATEST-GREATEST-----JoYS-joys-JoYS-----HAPPINESS--HAPPINESS--HAPPINESS---and-hurts sorrows disappointments, from extreme ----HIGHS,---- to the lowest SIGHS, --from.----- GREAT -great -GREAT----- to. -- Low --down---somber--blue--and--very---sad

14th of NOVEMBER 2017

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A person never gets use to feeling neglect