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In the wee hours before Dawn's light
Her essence begin to take heights.....
Above the sight and sounds of Earth
Her heaven bound soul, exits to birth...

Her families love comes to life, and 
She closed her eyes to strife, walking
Amongst the stars, passing beyond 
Their shimmer, near the warmth, of
Heavens glimmer

Satin wings that shimmer and glides
Free from the darkness, that  now hides...
Her grateful spirits sighs, as Angels
Stand by her side, a long look at Heavens
Gates, the doors open, she hesitates...
The faces of her parents glow, the hope
Comes true, with robes of blue.....
She's home at last, she's paid her dues

( November12,2017, My Aunt is home in God's keeping,
Bless her soul)

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God Bless Her Soul