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The Separation of the Spirit from the Body!

When you are born you have no clue,

That your spirit is housed in the body carrying you!


That your heart which beats so strong,

Is not going to beat for very long.


When illness strikes, the two that were once entwined, 

become immediately separated as they race against time!


Your body feels like all the energy has gone,

Like a battery operated game when the power is no longer on. 


Your body and spirit are thrown into a powerless fight, 

Polar opposites - like shade and light.


So many medical appointments trying to find out what is wrong!

Doctors minimizing your symptoms,

Whilst your pain is prolonged.


Searching for answers of what can you do! 

But what can you do when your body is giving up on you!


A separation of body & mind,

The darkness is setting in.

Place your bets on who will win.


Who holds the answers,

Will this appointment answer all.

When they read out the results,

Or you get that expected call.


The reality hits home that the body is weak, despite all the answers you desperately seek.


Time is being wasted on test after test. As your body grows weaker and you no longer protest.


Your breath becomes shallow, and your  lungs won't inflate,

 Lying there helpless a victim of fate.


Your spirit lifts on your final exhale. 

The spirit / body dualism,

 an epic fail.


You realize your body is temporary, 

as is the fragility of life.

The spirit a witness to your every strife.


Your spirit the survivor,

Has vowed to live on.

As the body has given up,

and all life is gone!


The separation of the spirit from the body!


 Written by © Wendy Roberts 14- 11-2017  all rights reserved









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