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There comes a time when life wanes.
When joy is laced with pain.
Hold on to hope and fold away despair,
God is always there...

Deep within where love begins, the hope
Lights the way when night becomes day
Find peace in your work, and joy in your
In the play, and comfort will soothe your toil
When the day comes we return to the soil

The part that remains will soar high in loving
Direction, our Maker's care will hold us dear
He's with his warm and carrying affection.
We are his children so true, his light will
Shine through.

He is there with open arms you see...
He holds the silent night and gives us
Safe passage to eternity...
The light that shines from eyes to the soul
Is truly an ultimate goal.

Faith can heal what man can not
So look  to each moment
Give all that you got, know there
Is tranquility in what is sought.

We are not Alone...

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We Are Not Alone