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Welcome to my home, it is humble and quaint!
So happy you are here to enjoy some holiday cheer.
Wait for the turkey and ham, and the delicious candy
Yams.  Some dressing and pumpkin pie will bring a 
Twinkle to the eye.

I heard the Northern wind blow, it's bringing the season's
Second snow. The fire will warm our place, and
Bring the color to our face!
Cookies, fudge, and apple pie fills the air with spice that
Smells so nice, if only I could eat a slice...

Happy Holidays to one, to all, enjoy the season's bounty
Spread, Remember this time, when tucked warmly in your
Know the next holiday, sugar plums dance in your head..
A great gathering of family and friends, as my Father once said! 
Happy and safe holiday's to All..A wish for holiday
Cheer, for those Holiday's, will soon be here...

Allseasonsverse 2017/20/11

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Holiday Cheer