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Changing and rearranging
Its so exhausting draining when, everything you are changing and others who you have been enabling you now are estranging

Its just a different  song , dance , and tone
thats --a--very lonely, --and--lonesome --FEELING--of, being very cold and alone

Im just use to being the peacekeeper
trying striving surviving to hold everything and everyone together the best that I can for sure

But now that I'm taking care of--ME--first
its something that I'm not use to and seems such of an uncomfortable , sentence and verse, especially now I'm out of touch without converse

Mostly I'm missing the grand--daughters of four
which deeply hurts me so much more

As I'm changing and rearranging and ceasing my enabling , and will accept no more --------DISRESPECTFUL--, SHAMING---,-------- but it leaves me very cold lonely,with, lonesomeness-- and --a---somber--sad---feeling ---of---estranging

By John d jungers
15th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Changing and rearranging