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Whispered words in the midnights hours
As gentle rain softly showers....
Candle burns, waiting for him
 to return...
Quiet moments of nights embrace,
Makes my heart begin to race..

I see his eyes that softly shine,
In their absents, I start to pine...
Lost moments, in this heart of
Mine, my thoughts race then

A soft tapping  at my door.
Could it be my husband, I adore?
Glancing out the window pane, 
The tapping was just the wind
and rain.

There stands a time not far, when
I wished on a shooting star....
He was there that summer night...
When love was shared in soft moon

I close my heavy eyes while this hour
Slips by, 
He will be by my side,
and my loneliness
Will run and hide..
All is taken in it's

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