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Sometimes we struggle with our --EMOTIONS--and--our--FEELINGS
with everything in our --HEART--, that is --EMOTIONALLY-- revealing

sometimes give us such -tension-stress--and--commotion

Our --FEELINGS-- and-- EMOTIONS--, cause us --HAPPINESS,-- and--SADNESS
making us one minute sincerely greatly happy, then the  very next moment disappointed, distressed, down low and depressed,-- FEELING-- so far from our very best

We unhealthily, stuff --OUR--FEELINGS-- and --EMOTIONS-- keeping everything at --hidden--and--protected--and--tucked--away--at--BAY
then we play the game with ourself, and all others--PORTRAYING--oh, yeah, we are just--so, perfectly--alright, just,  fine and dandy, and---OKAY

Sometimes and probably, most, of the times--our--FEELINGS
we, hold, deep, inside, and stuff our --FEELINGS----very--deep,inside and conceal, our,-- EMOTIONS--and -our --FEELINGS--without-being--honest--and--sincere--REVEALING

When our --EMOTIONS-- and -our --FEELINGS--, we, dont honestly,and openly, get--out
we, really are only hurting and harming and hindering, our- health, -wealth,-wellbeing,-and, will, --make-- ourselves --hurt,--down,--depressed-- and --pout

Most of the times with our, deep felt --FEELINGS-- and --EMOTIONS--,we learn how to --SUCK-IT-UP--survive, and to hold it all, --Unrevealingly--deep--INSIDE
when our deepest,-- FEELINGS--,and --EMOTIONS --we hold  it all within, and  play the game that were alright, all good,--tough, and strong,--we-are--only--setting--ourselves--up,for--a--GREAT--HUMBLING-STUMBLING-TUMBLING---HARD--FALL--with----hurts--and--LOST--PRIDE

At --least--,for --me --when-- I ,--simply-- write --and --PRAY
And--speak-- the --truth,-about--all-- of --MY-- EMOTIONS-- and ---FEELINGS--- in-----EVERY-every-EVERY--WAY--everyday---for--ME--it's--HEALING--in--Everyway

16th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes we struggle with our Emotions, and our--feelings