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Now the closing page we turn
All sorrows cast away, to learn
The end is only the beginning
All pain is done, love and peace
Is one.

Reflections of yesteryears streams
A river of tears.
A plea of help that no one hears.
All Love is tucked within, looking
Rather dim, but as the lights dim
The curtian rose, the child that
Lingered stood on her toes....

She walked the garden fair, let
Down her long soft hair....and 
Let it flow in surrouding air..
Walking with to the arms of

It was the child from long ago
Now once again it calls, a pure
And peaceful voice she knows
Jesus sits with his open arms
And takes away those years
He drys her saddening tears.

So today she lies in rest....
She gave her life her best
Light and love follows as
She's passed life's journeys 
Final test...
She is now, Heavens...
welcomed guest..
(Your loving Family)

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Life`s Final Test