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Sometimes, our deepest, and our greatest sadness
can be turned around and will become our best grandest and best BLESSINGS, with gladness

Sometimes it's just such of an exhausting feat,
to stay positive motivated and upbeat

Sometimes it's just an uphill fight struggle and battle and a disappointing feat,to  stay motivated positive and --ELITE
when feeling, set back, hurts, rejections and--DEFEAT

When any one of us feels any a set back and rejection
thats the one thing that ---causes ---any person hurts dismay and heart ache the greatest of any other one

We have to fight that feeling of sadness and despair
and turn to the HOLY-HEAVENS, and truely--LOVINGLY--FOREVERINGLY--know ---REALLY-really-REALLY--know, that so GREATLY-STRONG--and--BOLDLY--not-defeatingly--but--ELITELY--and--UNCONDITIONALLY--for-us-FOREVERINGLY--the--dear-LORD--with--great--gladness--for--us--CARES

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes our deepest and our greatest sadness