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When somebody believes in you
it puts pep and encouragement, with new direction and--HOPE-- in your step-- and uplifts you--too

I don't really think that we all really truely understand
the greatest power , of just --simple--kindness--, thoughtfulness--, with --good ---HEART--INTENTIONS--- and true genuine lovingness--that can--UPLIFT--ENCOURAGE--MOTIVATE-INSPIRE--another--so--great--and--GRAND

There are--ANGELS--AMONG--US
when, with all of our HEART, we PRAY, and lovingly, faithfuly believe, and LET-GO, and LET-GOD--and--simply--T-R-U-S-T--as--the, most, beautiful, lovingly, heavenly, ANGELIC--BLESSINGS--come to--us--with--a--foundation--of--LOVE--FAITH--PRAYER--and--T-R-U-S-T

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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When somebody believes in you