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When WE, hold back from REACHING, out showing--MERCY--GRACE--UNDERSTANDING--and----FORGIVENESS
we, are being--selfish--prideful--and--, WE----are--NOT--serving--our--GODLINESS--at,--our very--BEST

For as we all very well do know and--UNDERSTAND
for it is our job to ---LOVE,--- and it is the almighty--GODS--job,--to--JUDGE--us,--one and all, in all of this wonderous world ----EVERY-every-EVERY--woman, child, and--MAN

And to FAITHFULLY--LOVINGLY-with--Courage, to--FORGIVE--in, our life, living, and--LOVE--STAND
with a LOVING--BEAUTIFUL--COURAGEOUS--UNDERSTANDING--GREAT--COMPASSIONATE---H-E-A-R-T----so sincere, simple, loving, great and--GRAND

Its pleasing to GOD, when we have --THE-GREAT--strength-commitment--and---COURAGE--- to reach out with --LOVE--, CARE--and --C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N----and--FORGIVE
and, really when we feel that --we-are- ---RIGHT--- when we were --WRONGED----shuned disrespected put down blamed and betrayed and shamed, --to--COURAGEOUSLY----be--the--STRONGER--person--and--to, reach out with---PEACE--,LOVE--,UNDERSTANDING--CARE--CONCERN--C,mercy and grace--and--to--FORGIVE--you, will, be p,easing--our--ever-LOVING--and--FORGIVING--almighty--GOD--in-the-holy-heavens--and--be--BLESSED--ABUNDANTLY--GREATLY--how--with, mercy, grace,understanding, and forgiveness with --how--you--LIVE

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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When we hold back -from--showing---GRACE--and-FORGIVENESS