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Skipping stones across the still waters
Watching the ripples follow...
The fish are deep, for winters keep
The birds scatter, some fly south,
Season's migration, nature's flight
Of winter's vacation.

The land prepares  for the dormant season
Awaiting its blanket of snow, quiet surrender
Drifts across the land and waters, the northern
Wind whispers to the trees, as the last leaf 

Wild Pheasant dances in the open field, it's 
Bounty yields life, in the untamed land, it
Will be the nurturing plater, that brings 
Strength in cold, that matters.

Friends and Family gather, at the table to give
Thanks, it is a grateful heart that is open to 
Land and sky...
Whence life gives unto life, a Bounty's banquets

Looking into one's eyes, the season of grateful
Unite, to break bread, and have their Hungar
A natural feast from the old homestead...

What we valued on this day, we join hands
And bow our heads and pray...
So thankful to have the fellowship
For the Holiday.....
(Happy Holidays, be happy and safe)

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Greatful Fellowship