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A person, never will,--- FORGET, ---those who, -- PUSHED
-Them----DOWN---- when we fell, and we're --Knocked --down, -to --the--ground
but-- with --LOVE--and--FORGIVENESS,-- we --- FORGIVE,--- all others who caused us --deep,-- hurts --sadness --Pain--shame--and --frown

A person, never will FORGET, those who, PUT, them, shamelessly,  down, causing them, deep, hurt, sadness and frown
But--with--mercy, grace, understanding, and LOVE, with COURAGE, to FORGIVE, we--LOVINGLY--FORGIVE--ALL--others--who--DEEPLY--HURT--us--shuned, shamed, and disrespected us and made us sad hurt and --DOWN

For all those who--, dutifully, consistantly, and compassionately, lastingly--and--LOVINGLY--stood--by--our, side with pride, we--F-O-R-E-V-R--will--unendingly--TRUST, and --LOVE--THEM
To,-- the --everlasting--LOVE--of--our--FATHER--GOD--as--a--mirror--to--his--LOVINGNESS--we--COURAGEOUSLY--as--HIM--show, to all others, mercy, grace, and LOVE-love-LOVE--,  with -----FORGIVENESS----To--LOVINGLY--befriend--bond--and--MEND

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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A person never will FORGET