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Stay steadfast, FAITHFUL, and  STRONG
let --COURAGEOUSNESS,-- with --FORGIVENESS, --be--your,-- LOVING --SONG

Its very difficult and hard to --FORGIVE, --others who have done you, very--WRONG
its harder to --FORGIVE, --when too much time and water passes under the bridge, and the falling outs have been too--LONG

Some people will hold a---grudge----FOREVER----so-SO-so--deep-DEEP-deep
and they have, an---UNFORGIVING--HARD--HEART--and--FORGIVENESS,-- they will never agree to, or bow humbly down--to--and--PEACE--LOVINGLY--SEEK

It --takes--GREAT-GREAT-GREAT--COURAGE--to--graciously, and LOVINGLY--completely--FORGIVE,-- another who has done you so ---very-VERY-very-----WRONG
if --FORGIVENESS, --in your life, living, and LOVE, you fail to seek,-- PEACE--within, --yourself--you -----never-NEVER-never-----will --totally--BELONG

When hurt, anger pain, and hate with ---UNFORGIVENESS,--- we hold deep INSIDE
the----UNFORGIVENESS--- is the poison, that we keep for ourself, destroying our health wellbeing and self worth--and--PRIDE

For not everyone is able to ---COURAGEOUSLY, ---and ---BRAVELY-----FORGIVE----just----as----JESUS----DID----so----LOVINGLY-lovingly-LOVINGLY----and--COMPLETE
for every woman, man and child who, has the --BRAVERY--, and --COURAGE, --to --COMPLETELY-----FORGIVE-----as----just---as----------JESUS---DOES---------they--will--be--in------JESUS-------eyes------almighty---BRAVE--COURAGEOUS-, GODLY----and----L-O-V-I-N-G-L-Y-----ELITE

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Stay steadfast FAITHFUL, and strong