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When with some others. COMMUNICATIONS.  become closed, and strained
if too much time passes by, relations become severely,damaged and broken, and estranged

Its important for our health, wellness longevity, and  well--BEING
to be at  complete. Elite. --PEACE, --with------EVERYBODY-everybody-EVERYBODY------preserving--our--peace, love and happiness and with--LOVE-LOVE-LOVE--eye,--to --eye-----LOVINGLY-----and-----GODLY-----seeing

When with any other  COMMUNICATIONS.  and relations---if--- In a minute become, unraveled, and out of line
stop, what your doing and--MOST--IMPORTANTLY--P-E-A-C-E--seek--to--LOVINGLY--find

When in your life, living and LoVE, you put forth before you LOVE, with good heart  intentions in your--way--and--forward--positive--LOVING-- PATH
for a lifetime, of peace, LOVE , and serenity your--PEACE--and--HAPPINESS--with, health --and--wellbeing ---will---BLESSEDELY-------joyously-JOYOUSLY-joyously---LAST-and--L-A-S-T

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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When with some others communications become closed