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I know what it's like to travel
To different dimensions of time & space
I do not lie.

And oh, how long I've waited
To come back
To My beating heart
In another part
Of a different reality

I woke up choking on dirt
Basically buried alive
Clay pieces shattered by my sides
And the moon shining super bright

This sick darkness
I've missed you
Don't ever leave me

Broken clocks with numbers
That don't exist
And portraits torn in half
Of all of those who have raped my mind
(Or did they always love me,
But chose to leave me behind?)

In “real life” there's these people
And things
But here....
So many treasures I've hidden
And the solitude!
But never lonely. Imagine that irony!
But amongst them,
Is the confusion-
pieces that have gone missing...
Or expired?

They connect  reality to this side
Some stay in tact,
Some are cracked,
And some....
Well, some come and go-
And some have just seemed to have vanished

When I look around,
I spy the bleeding piano with locks,
And the crazy amount of music sheets
Recording every heart beat

All the dead dandelions ...
All the willows ....
 The rose with thorns, ah yes.
You will always be the most important piece ... (even when I fail to display that.
....I just don't fully comprehend you yet.)

And then there's this
Beautiful new flower ...
It's quite beautiful, but ...
I don't understand where it goes

And nobody knows
(In the “real world”),
That I haven't got a clue where to put it

It just kind of.. follows me around.
We'll figure it out one day.

....Oh, I feel this place leaving now
Ah you're slipping away ....
Like waking from a dream.
Yes, it's kind of like that.
But I'll come back...
Another day.
I'll come back.

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