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Find your PEACE, of HEART
being gracious, kind, caring,  and understanding,-- compassionate --and --nice,-- is a good START

Have a good nature, and natural, positiveness with LOVING--GLOW
as my Wonderful, Grand mother, on her lovely face she always wore a permanent Wisconsin, smiling --GLOW---don't--ya--KNOW

Find your--P-E-A-C-E
and, start by having a kind, caring, generous, LOVING, compassionate--GOOD--HEART--at--LEAST

With my growing up, in Minnesota, and at my grand-parents home in Wisconsin, in the Mid West
folks just naturally, treat, one another very great and are so Hospitable and--just plain and simple caring,  and  very--Neighborly--friendly, talkative--honest, sincere--and--NICE--treating folks the--very--BEST

With good HEART-INTENTIONS, treat all others fair and swells
As a, kid we had such fun on a visit to the amusement park--the--WISCONSIN--DELLS

With a good nature, and natural--POSITIVENESS
folks in the--MIDWEST--have--a--GOOD-LOVING--CARING--COMPASSIONATE--Kind--and--thoughtful--GREAT--H-E-A-R-T--and--the, absolute--very-VERY-very--best-of-the--BEST

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Find your PEACE, of HEART