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Sometimes, our PROGRESS in a day, is not the BEST
maybe because sometimes we are just dealing with distress

Sometimes the PROGRESS in our day, is less
and we at the end of the day, are not really impressed

When our PROGRESS in the day was not the greatest and very BEST
maybe it's, just  better that we just took a break, and let it rest

Tomorrow, new goals will be set
and better PROGRESS, you will get

Sometimes a lot of things Cloud our mind
making us more exhausted than we even know, realize or find

When our emotions are running rampant fast furious and  full speed ahead
with physical exhaustion, it is led

When we are dealing with so many up and down feelings
its very stressful, and not delightful, with all communications and dealings

Sometimes when at the end of the day, we may think that our PROGRESS has been slow
maybe we should give ourselves a little break, cause so much sometimes is on our life, living, and LOVE, plate so overfilling , challenging, exhausting, and ,--stressful--SO

17th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes our progress in a day Is not the best