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Sometimes, it's just difficult, and hard for us to make any c-o-m-m-o-n--SENSE
with things , that happened --and--we--lose--our--peace--and--rest--FEELING--troubled--confused--used--and--T-E-N-S-E

Its hard to make common--SENSE
sometimes of our life, living, and --LOVE-- happenings--events--and--NONSENSE

For what could of been
if and why and possibly then and when

For us all sometimes what's in our---D-E-S-T-I-N-Y
whats the picture we are suppose to create, paint, play, live, laugh,---LOVE, ---and. -SEE

Its, difficult and hard to make any, common--SENSE
the falling out  FEELING  of  FEELING so, low down and empty, from  FEELING so complete , and elite, and full --to, --FEELING--nothing --is--NONSENSE

For a HEART touched so LOVINGLY  so
when does it know to just --LET- GO

Sometimes it's just,difficult and hard to --really-REALLY-really--KNOW
when to just ---pray-PRAY-pray--, and let things as they are , and--GO

Maybe for some people, that  may be just a cinch, and quite --E-A-S-Y
but my --HEART--, can,, never let go, when it has felt cared for appreciated and validated, so,-- LOVINGLY--joyously--and-------BLESSEDELY---so

When a --HEART--is--LOVINGLY--touched--and--VALIDATED
For me--F-O-R-E-V-E-R--that--LOVE--with--me, for my life, living, and--LOVE--will--stay--and--THAT'S--IT

18th of  NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes it`s just hard for us to make sense