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Some have more than their share life is not always fair
It is their choice to raise their voice and place it in God's hands
I saw a woman the other day, she was blind and her dog was 
Her guide, he stood by her side and lead her safely, and shopped
And held out her hand together they peacefully stood, a team
Both happy and good!

So they carried on with their day, and went on their way. God watched 
Over them every step of the way. I seen a Man that had a  no legs 
He he went through town in a motor chair, he delivered news papers
And sang on his route , he was was carrying and kind, very busy and
On the go, his eyes had a warm glow.. his heart was warm and free
God watched over him, his spirit was warm and free.

So we can stop or we can continue to go, life is not always fair, but
In the darkest hour, if we try, and pray God will be there, and show us 
The way, as I sit at the table this Thanksgiving Day, I will remember
As I pray, that life maybe hard at times, but life is beautiful, it's up
To each one of us to be able to respond in kind.....
Be the light in someones day, help your fellowman, each and every
Being thankful that we can pray..
(Have a safe and  joyful holiday)

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Being Thankful We Can Pray