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Maybe sometimes, things are just better when , things  UNRESOLVED  are not said
maybe because Our. GOD. HE knows the  bigger picture, and things  WE, don't know or see, already the complete story book HE knows very well, and has every page in detail--read

Things that are UNRESOLVED  and unsaid
causes distress upset, stress uncomfortableness sadness and dread

Things maybe that go  unsolved  and unsaid and UNRESOLVED
maybe it's for timing and reason, when no sense or rhyming could mend , a broken fence and  be solved

Our. Almighty. GOD. for HE, knows complete and elite
for us all in our life, living, and LOVE, our greatest  weaknesses and greatness , and what will become of us--in--every--circumstance, either happiness , with victory, or sadness with defeat

So, when things feel, confusing, and not at all amusing --with--UNRESOLVEDNESS
PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-PRAY----, have ---FAITH--feel --H-O-P-E---to --better --C-O-P-E---and----TRUST--trust--TRUST---IN--THE--GOOD----LORDS--perfect-tact--timing-and-fact--and-even--the-----UNRESOLVEDNESS-----and-------FAITHFULLY-----LOVINGLY----TRUSTINGLY-----BRAVELY-----acceptingly-----just------------simply--SIMPLY--simply---------TRUST-PRAY-FAITHFULLY--STAY--with--HOPE-for-a--better--SOMEDAY--and----REST-rest-REST

By John d JUNGES
18th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Maybe sometimes things are better when things are unsaid